How Do I Say Thank You?

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This weekend I flew to Asheville, North Carolina, to spend 5 days at the Blue Ridge Mountains Writers Conference. The classes and mentoring begins this morning, but the event was kicked off last night with introductions and worship. As I returned to my room, I thought, “How do I say thank you to my partners?”

Whether you realize it or not, you are a partner with Mirror Ministries if:

  • You read these blogs or buy my books
  • Pray for me or this ministry
  • Follow, like, or share (etc) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest
  • Give financially to help spread the message of righteousness

In other words, I’m here because YOU ENCOURAGE ME to keep at it.

So the words thank you don’t quite seem to have the full impact of what I’m feeling right now… but I’ll say it anyway.


And as you think of it this week, would you please agree with me in prayer for favor with publishers, editors, and agents? I believe God has me here to partner with those who can take this message to the next level, bigger pool, and deeper waters. You know I’m all about casting my net and seeing how many we can catch! For the glory of God! —Yes, “My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and Your salvation all the day, for I do not know their limits” (Psalm 71:15).

Thanks for sharing!
  • Rick Carter

    Asheville is grand and we have a pastor there locally from the Vineyard church – Adam! (Adam ) founding a church over the past several years. Email him! He and his wife and kids! Also, over the years spent a lot of time there with my now grown kids and my wife’s mom and dad — they are all with the Lord now but I have really wonderful memories from there! I hope you have even better ones and have God’s favor x 10 — You’re in my prayers and maybe Adam and his family can add a few! Blessing to you Daphne! In His Love and Grace! Rick =)

    • Daphne Delay

      Thanks Rick! You’re always a blessing!

      • Rick Carter

        Hope you can connect .. I will send Adam a note telling him! Forgot to do that .. sorry =( Rick

  • Ruthie

    Have a great time. We are proud of you!

    • Daphne Delay

      Thank you Ruthie! That means a lot :)