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When you look in your mirror, do you like what you see?

Or, are you like most people who avoid their mirror to mask the reminders of their mistakes, or the scars of their experiences?

Trials are unavoidable, but they don’t have to define us.

In this book, I share the valuable lesson I learned in front of my own mirror and how I was able to teach it to my son a few years before an unfortunate car accident left him scarred from third-degree burns.
The Bible is full of big-sounding words, and the world is full of people who need the benefit of those words—words that fly right over their head, yet have the ability to empower them against the lies of the enemy. One such word is righteousness—the gift given to mankind through Christ to stand before God and all trials with humble confidence. Religion has made it out to sound pious and unattainable, but in reality righteousness simply describes our right-standing with God (thus, our position), and the effect it should produce in our lives (through our actions).

The major hindrance however to believing, receiving, and ultimately living in the freedoms of righteousness is self—that quick-to-judge reflection in our mirror (the one who knows all our shortcomings, mistakes, regrets, and insecurities)—the one who stifles most of our aspirations of being worthy of God’s love (or anyone else’s), simply because we don’t love our own reflection.

In this inspiring book, you will:
See yourself as God sees you
Learn how to drop the dead weight of guilt, condemnation, and regret
Discover the Truth about God
Learn what Righteousness is, and the benefits that belong to every believer
Find out who you are despite what you’ve been through
Learn the truth about the lies and deception that have held you back
Be taught how to live in the freedom God intended you to have
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Also availble in Spanish!

Facing the Mirror consists of fifteen chapters full of real-life examples, biblical revelation, and helpful resources. It is not a theory. It is truth to help you find a self you can live with.

A companion Workbook is also available. Filled with questions and challenges to help the reader evaluate their own belief system, this valuable tool is great for individual or group study.

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Facing the Mirror - WORKBOOK

This workbook was designed to help you have an interactive approach to the truths found in Facing the Mirror: Finding a Self to Live With. Too often, readers relate to the author but never really look in their own heart. Instead, they gain head knowledge but little heart change. The questions in this workbook will help you look within by challenging things such as:
What is my belief system?
Why do I think this way?
How do I replace lies with truth?
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At the end of each workbook chapter, you will also find a reference of scriptures used in the book chapters as a handy study
guide for your own personal time with God and His Word.

This workbook is perfect for both individual and group study.

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