An Exciting Email from Someone Who Gets It!

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I received this email from my dear friend Angie sometime ago, and as I re-read it this week, I thought: “I have to share this with my readers!” So be blessed by this encouraging word from someone who understands their righteousness in Christ!

Amazing! As I read your eBook, Romans 10:10 popped out at me! “For it is by BELIEVING IN YOUR HEART that you are MADE right with God!” In other words, before anyone stands during an alter call for rededication or first time salvation, they must first be stirred TO BELIEVE what they are about to do or partake in is TRUE!

A person will not stand unless they first know (or believe) there is truth in what’s about to transpire! Abraham was called righteous because HE BELIEVED! We get so caught up in just the mere emotion of being forgiven and given a second chance at life that sometimes all we focus on is the CONFESSION part of salvation– but we shouldn’t dismiss the most important factor: we FIRST believed!

God allows the Holy Spirit to stir within us (whether first timers to salvation or third timers to rededication) to FIRST BELIEVE.

Isn’t He amazing? He is telling us:

“Just believe [Me]… (that I see you no longer as you stand) but as righteous! Your faith alone (to believe in me) has made you righteous! NOW… CONFESS, DECLARE, & ANNOUNCE… (to the old you) you are indeed SAVED!” 

Every single time we BELIEVE (in Him) we are representing the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD in CHRIST JESUS! Because it is all based on Who has paid the price! Just like a couple who marries and last names are changed to receive new ones, it’s inevitable! It may take some getting used to, but eventually we become ONE with His name. The more we say it, write it, or answer to it, the faster we respond to it! We wouldn’t get married, take a new last name and not use it!? NO!

You mean being married isn’t enough? NO! You must take the last name too! It’s your “new” identity!

It’s the same with our salvation! We’re NOT just saved… NO SIR! We are also now THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD, IN CHRIST JESUS!! We have entered into a covenant (like a marriage) where we honor one another, in how we live our life, how we serve one another, trust one another, and LOVE ane another. It is sacred and pure!

We have become one with whom we’ve “exchanged” vows with (just like our confession of faith unto salvation). Then God says, “I take you just as you are, where you are.” And we respond, “Take me as I am, where I am, Lord.”

At that point, there’s an exchange of identities… we become ONE with the Father, therefore receiving ALL the benefits that come with our new name! In other words, if He is our Healer, than we are healed. If He is our provider, than we lack for nothing. If He is our comforter, than we worry not. If He is our Rock, than we shall not be moved!

This is so good! We must take our rightful name as the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

Just had to share! love ya!


Now you add something… What have you learned about being the righteousness of God in Christ?

Comments (2)
  • June McLaren

    I can already read the exciting sequel to this …. as I see so many new wives keeping their own name. It’s a challenge just knowing how to address mail to them … or their children. The spirit of independence has trickled down into every aspect of our society. Press on with your messages of truth …

    • Daphne Delay

      you’re right June… it’s a subtle trick of the enemy that has deep implications! There is a huge ADVANTAGE to knowing our IDENTITY!