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As you know, I posted recently about attending the Blue Ridge Mountains Writers Conference in North Carolina. This was my third such conference in seven years. At each one, I grow as a writer and I learn more about the industry as a whole.

In 2000, God told me if I would write it down (whatever He told me), He’d put it in the hands of people I may never meet. This word from God has kept me on course when I otherwise would’ve gotten weary in well-doing. It’s also been some of my motivation behind attending writers conferences, because although God didn’t say it specifically, I’ve always had a vision of bookstores when I’ve thought about His instruction.

I remember one time in particular standing in a bookstore staring at the Top 10 Bestsellers List. I only recognized two of the ten authors. The other eight were “unknowns” to me. So I determined that day to figure out how to become an “unknown” (haha). In other words, these authors had made it into the world of traditional publishers and although I wasn’t widely known, I was confident God wanted me on this path too.

The problem is, there are a lot of writers in this new digital age and therefore the job of editors and publishers can be very difficult. They’ve had to become very selective in taking unsolicited manuscripts and many have stopped taking them altogether–preferring to meet new authors at (you guessed it) writers conferences.

But the other way to be introduced in the industry is through an agent. The agent’s role is to find new voices and talent. This makes them a trusted help in the industry when it comes to new authors and/or new books. Their job is to work with the editors and publishers on behalf of the author.


hartline-logoAt the Blue Ridge Conference, I had an appointment with Jim Hart with Hartline Literary Agency. After several emails, phone calls, and writing submissions back and forth, Hartline offered me a contract with their agency–which I accepted after some prayer and discussion with my husband.

I have two overwhelming emotions with this decision –great peace and great humility. I’m extremely honored to work with an agent and from the moment I met Jim Hart, I had peace. It is the door I have prayed for and one I believe God has opened.

And on top of this, Jim will be attending the International Christian Retail Show next week and will be taking my new book projects with him to present to publishers. This is the biggest Christian gathering of publishers, editors, agents, and authors of the year. I am beyond excited about the possibilities!

So THANK YOU! Thank you for your support and partnership all these years (or less if you’re new to Mirror Ministries :) And thank you for your prayers around this new venture. My goal has always been to reach our generation with the good news of God’s righteousness, and it seems the runway just got a little bigger!

Thanks for sharing!
  • June McLaren

    Congratulations, Daphne! It’s all Jesus – stay close to Him. The”What About Job?” title is really eye catching — less “preachy”. :)

    • http://www.mirrorministries.org/ Daphne Delay

      Thanks June. It’s always about Him. So thankful to cast another net to catch more for Him.

      And yes, a better title indeed. I didn’t know much about titles way back then… :)

  • Rick Carter

    I’m so very happy for you and the new doors Jesus is opening for you! Further, the hearts you will reach with more truth (I’m all about truth-LOL) ! I still think ‘I will Ascribe Righteousness to My Maker’ is awesome as well! Rick =)

    • http://www.mirrorministries.org/ Daphne Delay

      Thanks Rick :) that’s actually one of the books I’m wanting to pitch at the conference. I think I’ll suggest a new title though… “What About Job? The Curious Tale of the Man Who Challenged God” —what do you think?

      • Rick Carter

        Sorry I didn’t respond sooner! Job trusted God like Abraham I think ! Job refused to curse Him! I loved that Job said who am I to question (in the beginning) He who gives me everything!? It’s not a tale but a story as a tale could imply fiction in my mind. Perhaps ” What about Job? Can YOU Trust God, with all that you have?” Just another thought Daphne? I pray it helps you find just the right words Our Father would have you use! Rick =)