Don’t Short-Circuit Your Miracle

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“Don’t ever short-circuit a miracle by trying to see it in progress!” –Kenneth Copeland

Because our natural eyes often dictate our next move (i.e. we see a stray ball coming our way so we duck, or we see a dog running in the street so we brake), we are often guilty of utilizing our spiritual eyes the same way. The best example I can give comes from a story I heard from Rick Renner.

Bro. Rick and his wife moved to Russia many years ago and with God’s grace have raised up the largest, spirit-filled church in Moscow. Being an American and having partners in the U.S., he often returns once or twice a year to minister in churches and conferences. At one particular meeting, he said a strong spirit of faith had filled the place and so he called up those who needed healing in their body.

A woman carrying a young girl came forward for prayer. As Bro. Rick went to lay hands on her and pray, he noticed the child’s feet were twisted and turned the wrong direction–thus the reason her mother was carrying her. Bro. Rick said the power of God was so tangible when he prayed that the mother fell to the floor with the child still in her arms. He then declared to the whole congregation that they were about to see a miracle–he was sure of it!

But when the mother stood up, the child’s feet were still as twisted as when she came forward.

Bro. Rick was not only embarrassed by his announcement, but he also became mad at God. He prayed and told the Lord he would not pray for another person until God explained to him why he was so certain the power of God was present but nothing manifested. And to his word, Bro. Rick wouldn’t pray for people. If he was in a meeting and someone asked him to pray, he’d very nicely refer them to the pastor.

Despite this detour of faith, Bro. Rick’s teaching ministry continued to grow. One year later, he was back in the U.S. ministering about an hour from the church where he had prayed for the woman and her child. After the meeting he was in the foyer greeting people at his book table when the woman approached him with an envelope in her hand. At first, he said he didn’t recognize her. She explained who she was and began thanking him for praying for her daughter’s healing.

He very politely greeted her and then reminded her that her daughter wasn’t healed. She said, “Oh yes, that night!” He again said, “No ma’am, I wish she was, but we both know she was not.”

The woman then opened her envelope and pulled out a set of x-rays. She went on to explain that after they got home, her daughter began to complain that her legs hurt. The mother massaged the child’s legs, gave her Tylenol, and warm baths, but she continued to complain about her legs hurting for several days. Finally, the mother decided to take her daughter to the doctor.

After x-rays and tests, the doctor came in and told the mother, “I don’t know how to explain this but your daughter’s legs are turning around.”

About the time the mother was sharing this with Bro. Rick, the child came running up to the table beside them. She was completely healed!

He repented to God for his doubt and then realized a miracle isn’t always a miracle just because we can see it happen in an instant. Many miracles happen over a period of time. As they went, they were cured and made clean” (Luke 17:11).

So whatever miracle you’re needing today, don’t short-circuit it by trying to see it with your natural eyes. Keep your spiritual eyes on God’s Word and let Him do the work.

Thanks for sharing!
  • June McLaren

    How did I miss THIS message, the first time around!?! Soooo good, and I can so identify, although not so much in the ministry of healing as in dream interpretation! Thanks, again, for being faithful to proclaim the Word, Daphne!

    • Daphne Delay

      You’re welcome June ;)

  • Rick Carter

    I was very happy to read your post this morning! I have been often blessed but not appreciative really as you can see on a previous writing. Jesus is still blessing me but I am impatient still. Definitely not thankful. I think I know what I need but today I am first going to say thank you for helping me get better this past year Father, and forgive me for not being thankful enough. Right now I am going to ask for him to continue to help me with my health and my writing ( what I think I need), but what is it You want me to do Father? Help me to hear You please! Thanks once again Daphne! Rick =)

    • Daphne Delay

      You’re on the right path Rick!

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  • Zelalem Tilahun

    Really a good lesson for me , God bless you my sister, trusting what i have seen and heard make deceived me so many time , Oh God bless you

    • Daphne Delay

      God BLESS you! I’m glad this message spoke to you. The more we see with our spirit, the more truth we will perceive and walk in!

  • Rick Carter

    I have been the recipient of at least several miracles not the least, that of my wife Connie. She knew the Lord and I didn’t. When we started out I knew I didn’t want our children Catholic … Methodist, or Baptist as Connie started out and so on! My reason was since a very early age I found too many errors in my faith and so many others I had already studied. I have always been almost obsessed with truth as I had been lied to tens of thousands of times. Connie led me to my knowing Jesus Christ is my savior and I can’t please Him enough, even though I have guilt and other things I won’t let go of! That is the greatest miracle I have received. Next, around 14 – 15 y.o. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. A Dr. Wynyard ‘cured’ me via natural foods etc. . I still have to consume greens and the like sometimes more or less but I don’t have pain from that … it was and allegedly still is incurable? By the way, two long standing test said I had it but after 6 – 8 months treatment the next medical and blood tests said I didn’t have it. The reason given …. the former two were mistakes or something!?!? Another miracle via knowing Dr. Wynyard and that Jesus put us in touch. Then there was Joe Snow who came to me after I was starting to know Jesus and said the Lord gave me a ‘word of knowledge’ that He is healing you of your allergies .. Okey dokey! I mean I had it really really bad … I came out of my mother sneezing and the red eyes came a few minutes behind! This was in the spring and finally perhaps 6 months later after my wife kept saying when Are You Going to tell the church or at least the Pastor that God healed you! Well, maybe it’s a mistake .. or .. just quit bugging me!!! That Sunday she got up and walked to the front and said Our Lord healed my husband and he wants to tell you all about it! I wanted to do all sorts of terrible things but I went up with my head down and started to whisper what Jesus did … To this day I don’t have any allergies and that was maybe 30 + years ago. There are others and you would think I could accept His grace better but no. That’s my point, right now I was in the process of being healed and I probably still am but it’s slow this time and I was being blessed with extra monies I desperately need and then I have hit the greatest depression that I think anyone could ever ‘not endure’ . On top of that my blessings all dried up. I search for sin and found a couple or eleventeen dozen or so and working on them. Nevertheless it’s all getting worse … I’m a nobody and broken like everyone else … Maybe it is only what “Ricks” go through but I doubt it. I don’t know what is happening but eventually I will. I think like I am going to be homeless and much worse and yelling at God I think you made a mistake ’cause I can’t handle this! The main thing I ‘sense’ or ‘hear’ is you got Me don’t you! Still I wonder and still I have always loved Him more than anyone even before I knew who He is even as a child! I am still learning to Trust Him … and sometimes it is so hard but I won’t give up … neither should you! If you see Him first please send Him over ASAP!! Thanks Daphne!

  • L.Barber

    This is a word in due season right now. Thanks Daphne.

  • Ofelia Cardona

    What a testimony! I think many times we are guilty of seeing things with our flesh and let go of the word we know in which we know God has promised us all of the desires of our heart! Great story :)