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When God first called me to write I thought either He was crazy or I was (because I was hearing things)! But soon after yielding to God’s call on me to “write it down…” I soon had a LOVE for teaching others through the written word.

And then I developed a passion to know and understand Bible words –from other translations or the original language–and how they work in our everyday life now.

These passions create a perfect schedule of content to develop your faith, purpose, and identity!

Every Monday: I’ll share a short post called WORD OF THE WEEK where I’ll dissect the meaning behind important words and phrases from the Bible to help give you fresh revelation!

Every Wednesday: I’ll post a new BLOG on some aspect of learning who you are in Christ from these three angles… a faith to live by, a purpose to live for, and a self to live with.

Every Friday: Tune in to the latest podcast from Daphne over at Identity Advantage! (see more below or click here)

Every Sunday: Pulled from my classic archives, I’ll send you an early morning devotional each week to encourage your faith.


IA-logo-smallI once heard someone say, “God spoke it, that it may be written. And it was written, that it may be spoken.” This is so true! And one reason I believe God put it on my heart to not just be a writer, but a speaker. And podcasting seemed to be a great avenue for sharing the good news of our righteousness in Christ with others!

These short, 30-minute weekly broadcasts will help you grasp a better understanding of righteousness, deception, and your authority in Christ.

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I love ministering to groups of all sizes! From small, intimate women’s ministry groups to large churches or conferences… my goal is to help equip people from all backgrounds and experiences with TRUTH!

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With a Bible in her hand, and a message in her heart, Daphne Delay is a fearless woman of God.  I have seen God transform her life from living a teenage life apart from God, to becoming a woman of prayer, preparation, and purpose.  Her passion is evident in everything she does, and God is using her kind and gentle spirit, together with the boldness of His Word to deliver a powerful message of hope and righteousness across the globe.  We are humbled and honored every time she speaks at our conferences.  She has no trouble breaking through and speaking into the lives of young girls and women of different cultures.  Her life story and daily walk in spite of adversity, is evidence of her genuine faith in God.

-Brenda Ricones
Pastor’s Wife, Women’s Ministry Leader

Pay It Forward

Help Spread the Message of Righteousness to Others!

I wholeheartedly believe where God guides, God will provide! However, taking the message of righteousness to this generation through my writing, speaking, and traveling, requires PARTNERS who have received help and want to PAY IT FORWARD to others also!

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now” (Philippians 1:3-5).

Each month, those who give a financial gift of any amount will receive an audio teaching as my thank you gift!

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The most important thing any of us can do is have a relationship with Jesus. In fact, anything I teach here at Mirror Ministries is founded and built upon everything we’ve been given through salvation.

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